Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee!

Buy Any Listing From Drita Bruci&Team, And If You’re Not Completely Satisfied
We'll Sell It For FREE!*

 Are you thinking about buying a home, but you're worried that the economy might shift and you might lose your current income?
We have the perfect Smart Buyer Solution for you; it's our unique and exclusive Buyer Protection Plan!
Maybe deep down you know that the smart thing to do is buy when prices and interest rates are low, but you just can't seem to take action...the good news is that our Buyer Protection Plan will guarantee your satisfaction!
You see most agents will pick 8-10 homes THEY think you'll like, show you 4 of them and try to sell you 1 so that they can get paid...the good news is that there's a better way to buy a home!
Our VIP Buyer Protection Plan allows you to sift and sort through the best deals, from all real estate companies, including distress sales, short sales, auction sales, tax sales and bank-owned properties in a hassle-free way until you find the one that meets YOUR NEEDS!
But that's not all! We raise the standard even higher by offering our 2-point guarantee!
•We guarantee to save you at least $10,000 on ANY property  or we'll pay up to $2,000 towards your  legal closing costs!*

•If you're not completely satisfied with the home you purchase through us, for ANY REASON, in the first 12 months, then we'll step back in and sell it for FREE!*
Will you please follow these simple steps to get started now and join the majority by becoming one of our VIP Smart Buyers?
1. Fill in your information on this page so we can begin to send you FREE, NO OBLIGATION email lists of the best deals that only our VIP Buyers know about.
2. Allow our team to book a visit with you so we can deliver your very own VIP BUYER PROTECTION PLAN CERTIFICATE.
3. Schedule a time with us to find the perfect deal that meets your criteria.
P.S. If you'd rather call us to speed up the process, then please dial 416-318-8452 and get assistance immediately

*Call for details, some simple restrictions may apply.

**Terms and Conditions may apply.